Solexy Antennas

ANH and ANF series antennas are hand built and tuned for the best performance.

The rugged construction of the ANH will stand up to high levels of abuse, and the flexible design of the ANF “gives” to impacts to prevent damage and misalignment of the antenna.

Their sealed UV and corrosion resistant housings and nickel plated fittings with gold contacts provide a reliable RF connection in hostile environments.

GPS, Glonass and Iridium antennas20191016094848

GPS, Glonass and Iridium antennas

Designed for satellite applications, covering a wide range of frequency bands including GPS, GLONASS and IRIDIUM...
Higly flexible dipole antennas20191016094812

Higly flexible dipole antennas

Designed to meet the requirements of a high traffic environment, one hit and it bounces right back...
High Gain Jpole antennas20191016094719

High Gain Jpole antennas

Less sensitive to its installed environment ensuring stable communication at longer distances...
Heavy duty dipole antennas20191016094455

Heavy duty dipole antennas

Rugged construction allows the use of antennas in hostile envinronments where weather and abuse are a factor...

Other Solexy HazLoc equipment


Radio Solutions

All of our products are inspired by our patented intrinsically safe barriers in a flameproof enclosure that combines the features of an instrinsically safe barrier and fully approved sealed flameproof connection in a single, installation-friendly package.


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